Precipio Wealth Management LLC
What We Do - Our Process
Building A Plan And A Future

Our wealth management process begins with establishing your objectives and tolerance for risk as part of a complete and logical plan. In such a rapidly changing world, having a well-defined and repeatable plan ensures continuity of process for your family or organization, even if circumstances should change over time.

Our six-step process -

  • Establish your objectives, risk tolerance, and Investment Policy Statement
  • Test the probability of success of your inflows, outflows and investments
  • Allocate your investments
  • Implement your long-range strategic plan
  • Rebalance the portfolio and retest probabilities, and
  • Measure and report your progress, making changes as needed

The Test Of Time

We understand the importance of establishing not only how assets fit within your plan, but also how they correlate one with the other. We will spend time with you reviewing historical data of different asset mixes. We seek risk-adjusted return performance over time that is consistent with your profile by combining major asset classes such as domestic and international equities, domestic and foreign fixed-income, and cash.

An important part of our wealth management process is applying probability-based analyses to test strengths and weaknesses of your plan today and to project asset values into the future. And to assemble professional portfolio management in a long-term strategy that is clear, understandable, transparent, and regularly measured for progress.

Investment solutions will often include separately managed accounts, actively and passively managed mutual funds, and exchange traded funds (ETFs).

All investments selected are no-load and non-proprietary.


Precipio [prĕ-cĭpˊ-ĭ-ō]
Latin for:
To anticipate, instruct, advise, warn


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