Precipio Wealth Management LLC
The Team
The Team You Expect

Wealth brings with it both opportunities and responsibilities. Whether you are a family steward or a fiduciary, you want to build on past financial successes while making the best future decisions for yourself, for those you love, or have a formal duty. You expect to have a relationship with advisors and a firm you can trust.

Our dedicated professionals have many years of education, professional certifications, and financial services experience. Precipio Wealth Management was founded in 2009 to continue a 50 year history, now independently and in a fee-only business model. We strive to consistently provide the high level of personal service and objective advice to help meet the challenges of today’s changing economic, tax, and estate planning environment.

A Culture of Teamwork

The teamwork culture at Precipio reinforces the principle that collaboration magnifies knowledge and skills. We find that teamwork permits greater accessibility and being able to more quickly address planning any investment opportunities. The 2020-2021 Pandemic has reinforced our modular approach with business partners, with technology resources connecting hundreds of professionals remotely and thousands of datapoints every day.

Leveraging Resources – The Future of Advice

We believe that information, communication, and transparency are essential to an effective financial relationship. With the round the clock assistance of our financial partners, we provide access to information and data via encrypted online connections as often as you choose. From a proprietary app to formal quarterly performance reports, we keep you informed.


Precipio [prĕ-cĭpˊ-ĭ-ō]
Latin for:
To anticipate, instruct, advise, warn

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